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06 February 2013 16:08


Ukrainian Center for Museum Development launches a two-year-project ProMuseum

Despite of the recognized significance of the professional museum sector in Ukraine, the lack of quality educational and research product in this branch is no secret. Today’s museum sector lacks systematic educational programs, efficient sociological and marketing research, high-quality books etc. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the museum sector actually exists due to the support of the enthusiasts who lead their way thanks to their own experience and intuition.

The “ProMuseum” project is designed to enhance the qualification of museum workforce, to develop and support the network of Ukrainian museum workers and to promote museum work.

The network of active museum workers is the project’s main target group, for this is a sustainable element that has significant development perspectives after the project’s end.

The project’s main programs:

  • Program for development and successful lobbying of law drafts and regulations critical for the operation of museum sector;
  • Educational program for over 50 museum workers selected on a competitive basis and a tutorial for museum workers and public;
  • Grant program for the implementation of small museum projects by the participants of  the educational program;
  • Publishing program;
  • Program to develop the network of museum workers on the basis of the UCMD;
  • Market research program for museums chosen on a competitive basis.

The activities within the “ProMuseum” programs will be carried out under the advisory support of the project’s Expert Council whose 8 members are the key figures of museum and independent cultural sector of Ukraine.

Participation in all the project’s programs is free of charge as the project’s funding is provided by a two-year grant from the Open Society Institute (USA) and the “Renaissance” CF and by ICF “Ukraine 3000”.

The educational program will be competitive, since there can be more people willing to participate than the project can support. The competitions will begin in the end of February 2013. 

The other programs within the project, particularly the tutorial, are accessible for a large auditorium interested in museums and museum work.

As part of our preparatory work we would like to learn more about the problems that museum workforce are facing. For this purpose we ask you to specify your view of the problem. We are conducting an inside sociological research to find out the needs of museums and their staff. Our short survey takes only a few minutes to complete. Your contribution will be very helpful to the success of our project.

Please send us the surveys till February 18, 2013 on the e-mail address or or by fax (+38044) 390-05-44.

The next step includes the distribution of documents to be completed by potential participants of the educational program. Please follow the news on our web-page for further notifications. Thank you for your efforts and we are sure that together we can make a change!

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