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26 October 2014 13:11

Babylon 13 receives Ukraine 3000 cinema award

The project started a short film “Prologue” shot on the Mikhailivska square in Kiev on November 30, 2013. Today it counts over 200 documentary films. Another related project is “The winter that changed us” featuring the bloody shooting on Maidan in February 2014.  »»

15 September 2014 15:45

“My Shevchenko” – “Ukraine 3000”supports the release of a new audio CD

September 13, 2014, the meeting with Sviatoslav Maksymchuk, actor of Maria Zankovetska Theatre, People’s Artist of Ukraine took place.  »»

12 September 2014 12:48

The “Unique Ukraine” Award honors two publishing entities

For many years now, “Ukraine 3000” participates in the Lviv Publishing Forum, its project for this premiere literary event encompassing the launch of a new book and the delivery of the “Unique Ukraine” Award.  »»

12 September 2014 11:32

Publishing project “The Third Millennium: Ukrainian Poetry” launches its new release

The previous volumes in the series featured the works of acclaimed poets like Leonid Talalai, Ihor Rymaruk or Vasyl Herasymuk. This year we bring to the readers the works of a young author Inga Keivan, winner of the first Vadym Koval Literature Competition (2001). Inga Keivan is a poet, literary scholar and critic living in Chernivtsy. A holder of PhD in philology, Inga lectures at the National University of Chernivtsy. The new volume “Touchstone Shadow. Touchstone Body” brings together three of her poetry collections.  »»

20 June 2014 19:12

Kateryna Yushchenko awards the winners of the “Museum Event of the Year” Ninth All-Ukrainian Action

“Museums are having hard times now. The country is struggling with debt and culture becomes particularly vulnerable to budget cuts. But no matter what hardships museum teams are dealing with, they should continue to search for new opportunities, partners and breaking approaches”, said Mrs. Kateryna Yushchenko.  »»

16 June 2014 15:28

Winners of “Museum Event - 2013” to be awarded in Kiev

Over 30 projects from all over Ukraine are running for the title of the best museum event of the year. Over 100 experts, museum workers, journalists, public officials, academics and researchers, select the winners by score voting.  »»

14 April 2014 12:07

Kateryna Yushchenko presents a new poetry volume published by „Ukraine 3000“

“The Third Millennium: Ukrainian Poetry” series was launched in 2011. It features poetry works written after the year 2000, publishers striving to choose the works of previously unpublished authors. The book titles include “The Homeless Stream” by Leonid Talalai, “The Divine Wind” by Ihor Rymaruk (2012), “The Undesirable Witness” by Anatoliy Kychynsky (2013).  »»

11 April 2014 12:12

Latest release of „The Third Millennium: Ukrainian Poetry” to be presented on April 12

“The Third Millennium: Ukrainian Poetry” features the works of renowned authors written after the year 2000. Previous publications include “The Homeless Stream” by Leonid Talalai, “The Divine Wind” by Ihor Rymaruk, “The Undesirable Witness” by Anatoliy Kychynsky.  »»

28 March 2014 15:50

Launch of the Ninth „Museum Event of the Year”

The action is geared to encourage museum professionals to widely promote their projects and to seek groundbreaking approaches in their engagement with the visiting public. The action aims to raise public awareness of the most important events and trends in today’s museum sector.  »»

13 February 2014 12:42

„Shevchenko FOREVER“: “ProMuseum” project launches an exhibition of social posters by youth

The two-year “ProMuseum” project is implemented by “Ukrainian Center for Museum Development” with support of the Open Society Institute, International Renaissance Foundation and “Ukraine 3000” Foundation.  »»

19 October 2013 21:53

Prize for the contribution to the development of Ukrainian cinema goes to Nataliya Sumska

“I am deeply grateful for the award and your applause,” said Nataliya Sumska. “Even if getting it means entering a new life stage. Still, it’s symbolic to receive it at Youth Film Festival. For I love young people and my dream is to be part of their motion pictures”.  »»

13 September 2013 14:40

“Unique Ukraine” award goes to “Ukrainian National Headwear”

Published in 2013, “Ukrainian National Headwear” features the development of Ukrainian headwear and hairstyles from the old days till the beginning of the 20th century. The book showcases the types of headwear worn by different social groups, highlighting general features and regional differences. It explains the role of symbols and signs, particularly in ritual headwear. The book will interest historians, ethnologists, art scholars and artists, students and teachers and everyone delighted to learn about traditional Ukrainian culture.  »»

12 September 2013 17:36

“Third Millennium: Ukrainian Poetry” series: latest release presented at the Publishers Forum in Lviv

07 June 2013 22:01

„Creation and Promotion of Museum Product: Practical Experience and Trainer’s Skills”: a new educational program for museum employees

Ludmyla Savchenko, Director of the Maksim Gorky Literature Museum in Samara, opened the program with her lecture “Literature Museum in Modern Context” that was held at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.  »»

30 May 2013 12:07

June 5 – awarding of the winners of the VI²² All-Ukrainian Action “Museum Event – 2012”

At 13 p.m., shortly before the start of the ceremony, a lecture for museum workers will take place in the framework of the “ProMuseum” project. The guest lecturer Ludmyla Savchenko, Director of the Maksym Horkyi Samara Literature Museum (Russian Federation), will tell the audience about literature museums in Russia and the world, their task today, the modern practices of public work, the products offered by literature museums.  »»

29 March 2013 14:28

Museum workers are invited to apply for the seminar program “Creation and Promotion of Museum Product: Practical Experience and Trainer’s Skills”

The seminar program aims at preparation of qualified experts who are expected to actively participate in the network and share their experience with the museum community as expert trainers. Experts are expected to be highly motivated and find the time and opportunity to teach others what they have learnt.  »»

28 February 2013 12:48

The 7th All-Ukrainian Action “Museum Event of the Year – 2012”

The main goal of the action is to stimulate museum teams to organize large-scale presentations of their projects, to implement new approaches to the public work and to turn the attention of the society to the most important events and tendencies in the domestic museum sector.  »»

06 February 2013 16:08

Ukrainian Center for Museum Development launches a two-year-project “ProMuseum”

The “ProMuseum” project is designed to enhance the qualification of museum workforce, to develop and support the network of Ukrainian museum workers and to promote museum work.  »»

15 November 2012 11:37

Ukraine 3000 Foundation presented the works on the Famine to its partners

The ICF “Ukraine 3000” presented 240 works on Holodomor to its partners: the Ukrainian Civil Organization “Molodyi Narodnyi Ruh” and the Lviv Civil Scientific “Center for Research of the Liberation Movement”. These organizations are part of the Civil Committee to Honor the Victims of the Famine-Genocide 1932-1933 in Ukraine.  »»

07 November 2012 11:31

Head of the Board of Ukraine 3000 Foundation Maryna Antonova took part in the session of the Civil Committee to Honor the Victims of Holodomor

Head of the Board of “Ukraine 3000” Foundation, confirmed the readiness of the foundation to provide its web-site as an information platform for this year’s events. She also offered to use the publications on Holodomor published in the framework of the fund’s program “History Lessons” as sources of information for the events.  »»

17 April 2015
The Good Begins with You Eighth Charitable Competition announces the winners
April 17, 2015, the National Forum „The Good Begins with You” took place at the House of the Teacher in Kiev. Winners of the 8th charitable competition for charitable projects by children and youth were selected and awarded during the event. »»

17 April 2015
The Good Begins with You Eighth All-Ukrainian Competition: the winner´s list
The Good Begins with You Eighth All-Ukrainian Competition: the winner´s list »»

15 April 2015
The Good Begins with You: best young charity leaders to be awarded in Kiev on April 17

15 December 2014
The bid to procure cardiac ambulance for children with congenital heart defects receives two proposals

2 December 2014
ICF “Ukraine 3000” announces invitation to the bid to procure medical equipment

19 November 2014
World Giving Index 2014 – Ukraine on place 103

Seventh Doing Good Starts with You Charitable Projects Competition

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