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11 December 2005 17:12


Lessons in History Charitable Program

The history of the humankind at any of its periods was far from simple. However, the twentieth century stands out against its background because of the intensity of horrible and ambiguous events. Hundreds of millions people died in the two world wars, fell victims to totalitarian regimes and the whirlpool of social, political, and interethnic armed conflicts.

In the twentieth century Ukraine was in the epicenter of those complicated historical processes, being the arena of controversial and often tragic events. The Ukrainian people is still suffering negative aftereffects of that time, bearing the burden of vast demographic and cultural losses.

However, almost every page of our 20th century history has blank spots in it, requiring an unbiased and scientifically grounded appraisal and a special level of attention from the researchers and the public.

To change this situation, a great amount of research and educative work is required. The Foundation started a special program titled Lessons in History for researching and preserving in the national memory and fighting the negative aftereffects of the biggest tragedies of the Ukrainian people, such as the Manmade Famine of 1932-1933, the repressions of the 1920s-1930s by the Communist-Bolshevik regime, forced labor of the Ukrainians in Germany during WWII, etc.

Its goals are: revealing the truth of the Ukrainian people’s tragedies to the society; creating  conditions for these tragedies to be recognized by the global community; implement various projects furthering the formation of a fundamental base for scholarly research of the tragic chapters of Ukrainian history.

Within the framework of this program, the Foundation:

  • has created Ukraine’s first and only website on Holodomor;
  • organized the ‘Candle in the Window’ poster contest and exhibition of the best works participating in it;
  • conducted an annual competition among journalists from Ukraine’s regions for the best coverage of the Famine;
  • supported publication of three informational brochures on the Famine with the total pressrun of 10,000 copies;
  • published seven collections on Holodomor topic (archive documents, witness accounts, research materials, etc.) and distributes them among libraries, educational institutions, museums, research institutions, etc.);
  • prepared the Executed by Hunger: the Unknown Genocide of the Ukrainians international exhibition and passed it to all Ukraine’s representations abroad in electronic form;
  • took part in creating and filling with content a website on Holodomor (;
  • supported creating the third part of the Holodomor: the Technology of Genocide. Personal Score documentary (directed by V. Deriuhin) together with the National Television Company of Ukraine and patroned The Living historical documentary (directed by Serhiy Bukovsky;
  • presented the Rift through Life exhibition of witness accounts by Ukrainian female forced workers from Rhineland jointly with the Provincial Rhineland Alliance.

In 2008-2009, within the Program’s framework the Foundation is planning to:

  • Inform the global community on the biggest tragedies of the Ukrainian people in the twentieth century through organizing exhibitions and round tables;
  • Participate in the creation of the State Holodomor and Political Repression Research Center, the Museum of Holodomor, etc. 
  • print (reprint) books, leaflets, and other printed publications;
  • create new web resources and support the existing ones; publishing materials on the web;
  • create and replicating international exhibitions;
  • organize research (collecting oral and video witness accounts) and create a mass poll system in Ukraine for interviewing witnesses of the Ukrainian people’s tragedies;
  • create social advertising videos (V, FM);
  • conduct competitions among journalists and artists and conduct exhibitions by their results;
  • give grants to public and charitable organizations for conducting activities, meeting our program’s goal;
  • render charitable aid to researchers, scholars, historians, and witnesses of the Ukrainian people’s tragedies.

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Special Award For the Development of the National Cinematograph
In 2003 the Foundation founded a special award For the Development of the National Cinematograph, which will be conferred on an annual basis during the Molodist International Film Festival on outstanding actors and directors who have made a significant contribution into the development of the Ukrainian cinematograph. The award is to serve as a symbol of the societys gratitude to these people and encouragement for their younger colleagues. »»

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Lessons in History Charitable Program
Its goals are: revealing the truth of the Ukrainian peoples tragedies to the society; creating conditions for these tragedies to be recognized by the global community; implement various projects furthering the formation of a fundamental base for scholarly research of the tragic chapters of Ukrainian history. »»


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