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11 December 2005 16:13


Educational area (Ukraine Tomorrow)

Ukraine’s Innovative Intellect All-Ukrainian Youth Competition

Doing Good Starts with You All-Ukrainian Charitable Project

Artek Dialogs International Education Forum

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Another Projects
Artek Dialogs Annual Educational Forum
The Forum envisages annual meetings of representatives from Ukrainian and Foreign state and non-governmental organizations, pedagogues from various countries to analyze modern trends in the developments of educational technologies, working out recommendations for the mechanism of forming an effective national and global educational space. »»

Innovative Intellect of Ukraine All-Ukrainian Youth Contest
To give a chance to the thousands of educated, talented, and enterprising young people to fulfill themselves in Ukraine, the Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Fund launched the Innovative Intellect of Ukraine All-Ukrainian Youth Contest. »»

Doing Good Starts with You Project
We wish to help the children realize that doing good is a natural need for any person, while you still have to learn how to do it, as it is with any other work. »»


Seventh Doing Good Starts with You Charitable Projects Competition

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