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01 January 1970 02:00


Hospital to Hospital Program

Children’s health is an unmatched value. Childhood is the time when the foundation for health, longevity, vigorous and sturdy constitution is being laid. Unfortunately, our children lack all the above. To improve this situation, the Foundation started the Hospital to Hospital Program, launched May 19, 2005.

The goal of this program is promote increasing the effectiveness and quality of medical care, improving the Ukrainians’ health through attracting financial, technological, and intellectual resources from Ukrainian and foreign philanthropists on a voluntary basis.

The program envisages establishing relations between 23 of Ukraine’s hospitals and children hospitals in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Japan. Establishing immediate partnership between hospitals will create conditions for effective exchange with innovative technologies, scientific information, medicine, medication, and equipment, along with practical experience in diagnostics and treatment.

The program is scheduled for five years. Its implementation will give Ukrainian hospitals a chance to find reliable partners and bring themselves up to modern global standards in healthcare.

The program’s components are:

1. Pilot project
2. Partners project
3. Resource component

Pilot Project of the Hospital to Hospital Program»

The pilot project’s participant is the Child Onco-Hematology Center at the OKHMATDIT Ukrainian Specialized Children's Hospital.

Since the start of the Hospital to Hospital program’s pilot project quite a few actions aimed at providing aid to the Child Onco-Hematology Center took place. For instance, the Ukraine 3000 Foundation acted as co-organizer of the Music from All Continents charitable premiere concert dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Organization. Upon the agreement with the UN representation in Ukraine, all receipts of the concert were placed to the account of the Child Onco-Hematology Center.

Besides, on October 30, 2005, a charitable action took place, presenting the Child Onco-Hematology Center and children’s ward at the Oncology Institute at the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine four modern SNAIGE refrigerators (two for each institution). Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Lithuania to Ukraine Viktoras Baublis took part in the ceremony. “This simple but indispensable equipment will facilitate long-term stay at the hospital for children and their parents, since sometimes rehabilitation period lasts several months,” Vira Pavliuk, head of the Hospital to Hospital program, said.

Partners Project

Stage One: selecting hospitals to participate in the project

September 5, 2005, the start was officially announced of accepting applications from Ukraine's children's hospitals willing to participate in the Hospital to Hospital International Partnership Program. To this end, the Foundation formulated a comprehensive list of questions by way of a special application form, answers to which allowed to impartially define the winners. The Foundation received around 70 applications for participation in the Program. To secure unbiased and transparent procedure of determining the winners, a special Experts Council was created, including experts in scientific and practical pediatrics from Ukraine’s oblasts, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, etc. Members of the Experts Council had thoroughly studied and analyzed all applications received by the Foundation.

The Experts Council selected Ukrainian hospitals on a contest basis by two major criteria: the hospital's preparedness to take part in the program (the staff's consent, presence of English-speaking employees, etc.) and expedience (existence of objective conditions for adopting new technologies). Another important condition for the selection was equal representation of Ukraine's regions.

Winners of the Hospital to Hospital contest were officially announced on October 24 at the Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation’s press conference.

Recommendations by the Experts Council of the Hospital to Hospital Program Regarding the Contest’s Winners

Stage Two: Identifying potential partners abroad

Looking for potential partners, we pin our hopes on a chance for direct communication between medical professionals of the partner hospitals and access to information and research results, along with technological exchange. For identifying and studying potential partners, the Foundation works actively in Ukraine and abroad. Most visits abroad by Head of the Supervisory Council of the Ukraine 3000 Foundation Kateryna Yushchenko include visits to children’s hospitals.

Stage Three: legal implementation of direct memorandums between Ukrainian and foreign partners.

The first partnership between a Ukrainian and foreign hospital was signing a Memorandum on Cooperation between Kharkiv Institute of Children and Youth Healthcare and Robert Debre Children’s Hospital in Paris. French doctors intend to invite their young Ukrainian colleagues for training in their hospital on a contest basis.

December 14, 2005, another important partnership between a Ukrainian and foreign hospital was created in Eisenstadt, Austria. With active participation of Kiwanis member Franz Renhofer, a three-power treaty was signed between Lviv City Children’s Hospital, Barmherziger Brüder Hospital, and Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation. First step in this cooperation was Barmherziger Brüder doctors working group’s visit to Lviv in February 2006. Its goal was getting acquainted with the hospital and its staff for establishing further cooperation. A group of doctors was selected, who later went through a training course in Austria.

Resource Component of the Hospital to Hospital Program

This component envisages attracting partners’ resources to support hospitals in:

  • finding resources to provide hospitals with necessary medicine and equipment;
  • raising the level of medical professionals’ skills.

Professional exchange has already started in the framework of the program. Six experts in children’s oncology and cardio surgery took part in the Masters of Pediatrics annual conference (Miami, US).

Due to the sponsorship of the Zaporizhstal Metallurgic Complex, the Foundation provided financial aid of two million UAH (approximately $ 400, 000) for completing the reconstruction of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Children’s Hospital. After the reconstruction children from Zaporizhzhia oblast and neighboring oblasts will get a chance to receive treatment in a modern hospital set with energy-saving windows and ergonomic equipment meeting the highest current standards.

On November 20, 2005, the UN’s Universal Children’s Day, the Ukraine 3000 Foundation and its partners conducted two charitable actions, fundraising over 933,000 UAH (roughly $185,000) from philanthropists. The first of the two actions, Oleksandr Ponomariov’s Fall Charitable Ball, brought around 530,000 UAH (approximately $ 106,000) in charitable contributions. In accordance with partnership agreements, these funds were allotted for neonatology wards. First to receive new equipment (incubation apparatuses, resuscitation tables, monitors, and pulsoximeters) were children’s hospitals in Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, and Lutsk.

During the other action of November 20, 2005, conducted together with McDonalds Ukraine, 404,000 UAH (roughly $80,000) was raised and transmitted to the Oncology Institute at the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv) for remodeling and renewing family rooms. The rooms were opened on May 17, 2006.

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Another Projects
Dreams Come True project
The project participants are Kyiv patient care institution treating children with cancer: Childrens Oncohematology and Marrow Transplantation Center at OKHMATDIT and childrens department at the National Cancer Institute. The Ukraine 3000 Foundation distributes among little patients forms wish lists for St. Nicholas. The Foundation members process the forms and bring children presents they wished for or organize meetings with celebrities. »»

Art Therapy Project
It envisages working out a system of methods to introduce art therapy in childrens hospitals, organizing and conducting events to prepare art therapists to work at childrens hospitals, members of the Hospital to Hospital program, and supporting the creation and establishing art therapy groups. »»

Childrens Hospital of the Future Project
To support children who now have to wait for their turn to receive treatment abroad or who need complicated surgical operations, it is planned to create an All-Ukrainian Health Protection Center for Mothers and Children (the Childrens Hospital of the Future). It is to become a modern European level childrens medical institution, involving high technologies, best professionals, and intellectual resources of the medical sphere. »»

The Joy of Childhood Free Movements Program
The Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Fund together with the TNK-BP Commerce Company, understanding the urgency and importance of these problems and the need to improve medical, social, and pedagogical service for and changing the public attitude toward children with special needs, have started the Joy of Childhood Free Movements Program for Ukrainian children with organic diseases of the central nervous system. »»

Hospital to Hospital Program
The goal of this program is promote increasing the effectiveness and quality of medical care, improving the Ukrainians health through attracting financial, technological, and intellectual resources from Ukrainian and foreign philanthropists on a voluntary basis. »»


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