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21 November 2007 11:14


Medicine area (Ukraine Today)

Hospital to Hospital program

Joy of the Childhood – Free Movements program

Children’s Hospital of the Future program

Other projects »»

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Another Projects
Dreams Come True project
The project participants are Kyiv patient care institution treating children with cancer: Childrens Oncohematology and Marrow Transplantation Center at OKHMATDIT and childrens department at the National Cancer Institute. The Ukraine 3000 Foundation distributes among little patients forms wish lists for St. Nicholas. The Foundation members process the forms and bring children presents they wished for or organize meetings with celebrities. »»

Art Therapy Project
It envisages working out a system of methods to introduce art therapy in childrens hospitals, organizing and conducting events to prepare art therapists to work at childrens hospitals, members of the Hospital to Hospital program, and supporting the creation and establishing art therapy groups. »»

Childrens Hospital of the Future Project
To support children who now have to wait for their turn to receive treatment abroad or who need complicated surgical operations, it is planned to create an All-Ukrainian Health Protection Center for Mothers and Children (the Childrens Hospital of the Future). It is to become a modern European level childrens medical institution, involving high technologies, best professionals, and intellectual resources of the medical sphere. »»

The Joy of Childhood Free Movements Program
The Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Fund together with the TNK-BP Commerce Company, understanding the urgency and importance of these problems and the need to improve medical, social, and pedagogical service for and changing the public attitude toward children with special needs, have started the Joy of Childhood Free Movements Program for Ukrainian children with organic diseases of the central nervous system. »»

Hospital to Hospital Program
The goal of this program is promote increasing the effectiveness and quality of medical care, improving the Ukrainians health through attracting financial, technological, and intellectual resources from Ukrainian and foreign philanthropists on a voluntary basis. »»


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