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Ukraine 3000

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The Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation

The Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, nonpolitical charitable organization, founded in Kyiv in 2001. The Foundation’s mission is to do good and encourage others to do so as well.

The Foundation works in three major areas – Historical and Cultural Area, Medical Area, and Educational Area.

Historical and Cultural Area combines programs aimed at the development of museum business, monuments preservation, supports historical, archeological, and cultural studies research and artistic event, promoting true knowledge about Ukraine’s past, and introducing international standards into the area of culture.

Medical Area implements programs and projects aimed at solving issues related to motherhood and children’s support, improving patient care and rehabilitation institutions network, taking care of children with special needs. The key priority of the Foundation in this area is building a state-of-the-art Children’s Hospital for critically ill children of Ukraine.

Educational Area deals with programs and projects aimed at launching a dialog in the society on education, medicine of the future, supporting talented youth.

Creating this Foundation, we sought to make it as useful for Ukraine as possible. We tried to figure out our society’s most urgent needs in the vortex of modern life. Our conclusion was that people indispensably need to believe in certain prospects for the country, for their families, and for themselves, no matter how they picture these prospects. One needs to be certain that the period of instability and problems will come to an end, if one believes in the future with all one’s heart and puts much effort into building it up.

This is precisely our goal: help Ukraine to build up her own future, become herself, and fulfill her global mission. The Foundation’s mission has been formulated based on this goal: promote the search for the best trajectory of development for the Ukrainian society and explain it to the Ukrainians.

Personal participation by everyone, joint actions, work for the common good are the principles laying the basis for the Foundation’s activity. Our major aspiration is to disseminate these ideas, make them dominate in the society, and unite as many adherents of these ideas as possible. Every representative of the Ukrainian people has to understand that s/he is in the highlight, s/he is the main character, and much depends on her/his contribution.

Our views are shared by tens of thousands of people and hundreds of organizations. They have succeeded themselves and are prepared to help their country.

We are deeply grateful to all working with us and supporting us. Our joint action is very important, because due to it Ukraine is getting better every day.

We invite everyone sharing our goals and principles to support our Foundation. Together we can do more!

God bless Ukraine!

Kateryna Yushchenko,

Head of the Supervisory Board

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15 July 2014 17:19
Launch of The Good Begins with You Eighth All-Ukrainian Competition
The competition´s goal is to unite efforts, vision and experience of project participants in order to re-establish charity in Ukraine as a norm of social life and responsibility; to teach children and young people to engage in charitable activities; to promote childrens and young peoples charitable initiatives; to support socially engaged youth. »»

14 July 2014 16:30
Oxana Tcherniantchouk, Assistant Professor at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, gives lectures in Zakarpattia
The ICF Ukraine 3000pursues its program to enhance the professional expertise of Ukrainian medical workers. Together with the California Association to Aid Ukraine the foundation organized the visit of Dr. Oxana Tcherniantchouk to Ukraine. »»

30 June 2014 10:53
ICF Ukraine 3000passes a grant of UAH 5000 to renovate the stage of Maria Zankovetska Theatre

29 June 2014 15:32
Ukraine 3000 helps children to recover: Twenty children of the victims of Ukrainian anti-government protests travel to Sweden

25 June 2014 13:31
Emergency management of battlefield injuries: NATO medical professionals to share their experience

23 June 2014 13:07
Ukrainian emergency care providers attend trainings in the USA

20 June 2014 19:12
Kateryna Yushchenko awards the winners of the Museum Event of the Year Ninth All-Ukrainian Action

16 June 2014 15:28
Winners of Museum Event - 2013 to be awarded in Kiev

16 June 2014 12:57
Director of Medical Programs Department Dr. Vira Pavliuk receives recognition from the Ministry of Health

13 June 2014 14:21
Ukraine 3000 honors the winners of the Ukraines New Intellect Eighth All-Ukrainian Youth Competition


Seventh Doing Good Starts with You Charitable Projects Competition

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